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You may be being watched

Yesterday I saw an excellent article reminding everyone that when we blog, when we Tweet, we’re being watched by people the whole time. There is therefore no point in putting something out there that’s going to put an employer down, upset people, anything like that.

And it could get more serious as the UK Government is considering monitoring social networks. They are concerned that paedophiles and terrorists are using the serrvices available for planning their illegal activities. You can see where they’re coming from: Twitter and blogging are pretty much visible to the world (only a few hundred people read these words at the moment because I only started this last week, but therte’s nothing to stop hundreds and thousands if it took their fancy) but Facebook, at least until a week or so ago, works more on a membership basis and closes itself off to outsiders, as do others.

So I can see why there’s a case for monitoring, just as I can see there’s a case for having policeme walking the beat and glancing at me occasionally when I’m doing nothing wrong. What I have difficulty with is just how this is all going to be paid for. Every day we read more dire news about the economy. We see more and more instances of Goverment agencies losing track of swatches of data. And now they’re thinking of monitoring more information – some of which may be private or commercially confidential but wholly legal – and we’re expected to assume it’s workable.

I can see it’s important and if it stops a single child being molested then that’s a good thing. I’d like, though, to know a bit more about how the Government would implement this – and what they’re going to do about their track record on minding the data they already have.


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