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Occasionally you get a flurry of interest about whether a particular celebrity on Twitter is actually doing the writing themselves. The same debate has applied to Facebook, websites, Myspace, all manner of sites.

There’s a good critique of this on this blog. Personally I have another question – why would you bother? People using ghost writers to Tweet are taking huge risks. A couple of months ago Britney Spears was badly hit by this when someone posted, under her name, a note about the size of her vagina and how many teeth it had. Now, this was malicious but so ridiculous it was obvious it couldn’t have been her. But what if someone on my (nonexistent) staff had a beef with me, and decided to Tweet or blog in my name about how I was having an affair, or wasting shareholders’ money in a company I might own, or something? It would be easy to tarnish someone’s reputation by putting something credible up there. That’s one reason to control your social networking yourself.

The other is because there’s actually no point in engaging in a completely personalised social media if you’re not going to be the person doing it. 50 Cent might think he’s the ‘energy’ behind his Twitter account but he’s not, the ghost writer has the energy. Which is fine if you’re just using it for publicity and not to engage with people but then that’s what your website is for – Twitter has evolved into a place for conversations.

My guess is that there’s going to be more of this. And a lot of unfollowing as people realise that isn’t really their hero replying, whether it’s 50 Cent or Stephen Hawking.

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