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Is Twitter going to face a backlash?

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No, not just a backlash because it’s successful and people resent it. Everyone gets those. No, this is a backlash from its advocates who don’t like it when they get the fail whale picture. CNN thinks it’s happening and it’s happening right now.

Which of course it is. And it will continue. Not because it’s Twitter but because this is how human beings interact with technology.

We start by being overawed. Take the CD; I remember when CDs launched, they were incredible, we were told, and quite possibly indestructible. We soon got over that – then we noticed that the music industry had managed to double the price of an album without anyone noticing. Then the backlash started – they didn’t sound as good as vinyl, de dum, de dum, de dum. Later on email began which was great – at first. Instant communication with someone the other side of the world – until you get your first outage, at which point email sucks. Big time.

Things move faster now. Twitter’s rise from a tiny minority pursuit has been nothing short of meteoric and lookee here, it can’t always cope. So yes, we get a backlash and it’s a big one – but it’ll move on just as quickly.

Someone on Twitter was just saying their local radio station was speculating that Twitter won’t last another year. My guess is that it will, for people who have a reason to use it, but the simply curious will move away quite quickly and find the ‘next big thing’. The apparent disillusionment when it can’t cope with a squillion users all wanting to get a glimpse of their favourite musician, sportsperson or other hero is all part of this process.

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  1. Guy,

    not sure it will suffer a backlash.

    But users might lose interest after the novelty wears off. A couple of years ago there was a hike in the numbers starting blogs until they realised it took effort and had nothing to say and then many disappeared.

    I suspect many that do not have a purpose or goal will melt away but I think Twitter will stay


    Comment by RobArtisan | March 31, 2009

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