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Discovery Engine Coming to Twitter Homepage. Wait, What Twitter Homepage?

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Discovery Engine Coming to Twitter Homepage. Wait, What Twitter Homepage?

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This post makes an interesting point – that nobody really looks at the Twitter home page any more. When I first signed up for the service I also signed for TwitAds, the idea being that people who look at your page get to see an advert in the background and you get paid a tiny, tiny amount. Yesterday I had offers from a couple of companies wanting to take me up on this – but I couldn’t help wondering, is anyone actually going to see the ad if I go ahead with this? My guess is not, because people see my Tweets on Twitdeck, Twitphon, Twihrl and all those other applications people use when they are definitely not using a Web interface. The Techcrunch people in the link above are right – Twitter has been outdone by the people writing applications around it.

Which is fine for Twitter as it provides the underpinnings and reaps the benefits. But the people providing the stuff like TwitAds, which depends on someone using the web view, will have a harder task in making anything out of this.

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