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Music and Twitter

This is an odd one. The Streets, a band in the UK for anyone who doesn’t know, are going to start uploading music and making it available to fans free through their Twitter feed.

10/10 for innovative use of social media, and the same for pleasing the fans. I’ll be interested to see how they can continue to earn a living whilst giving their songs away for nothing, though.

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  1. Hi Guy,
    This will undoubtedly be an interesting experiment – it might also be interesting to mention that live sales outstripped album sales for the first time in [insert number here] years yesterday.

    Maybe Mike’s expecting to coax even more people to shows?

    I think album and single sales are headed towards more troubled waters yet – Spotify are working on a mobile edition.


    Comment by Jed Hallam | April 15, 2009

  2. That’s the piece of information I didn’t have and of course it makes perfect sense.

    I already have Spotify on my iPhone – not that it does much without WiFi…

    Comment by guyclapperton | April 15, 2009

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