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New home

A little housekeeping – sometime over the next 24 hours new entries on the Social Networking Blog will start to appear on my website at – you’ll still be able to get there by logging on to and those of you coming straight to WordPress will still find the old entries; I’m putting it elsewhere because it’s reaching the stage at which advertising might become viable or even marginally lucrative, and the WordPress people won’t allow advertising on their blogs.

Thanks for looking in – see you in the other place!


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Twitter annoyances

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Great blog post pointed out by Jack Schofield of the Guardian to his followers, on ways of annoying Twitter users. I could add a few; we’re getting to the stage at which posting to Twitter about Twitter is going to seem very old hat (we could just accept Twitter’s there and get on with it, nobody phones you to talk about the phone network); engaging in endless one to one communications which should long ago have been taken to private mail and posting exclusively about your product are among them. But the list in this link is pretty much excellent and I’m relieved to say I don’t indulge in many of them. Not often anyway…

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Twittergadget for gmail

Useful thing, here. My thanks to the original blogger. Night all.

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Test blog entry from phone

Just testing, move along, nothing to see here…

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Glue Lets You Browse the Web With Your Facebook and Twitter Friends

Glue Lets You Browse the Web With Your Facebook and Twitter Friends

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Discovery Engine Coming to Twitter Homepage. Wait, What Twitter Homepage?

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Discovery Engine Coming to Twitter Homepage. Wait, What Twitter Homepage?

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This post makes an interesting point – that nobody really looks at the Twitter home page any more. When I first signed up for the service I also signed for TwitAds, the idea being that people who look at your page get to see an advert in the background and you get paid a tiny, tiny amount. Yesterday I had offers from a couple of companies wanting to take me up on this – but I couldn’t help wondering, is anyone actually going to see the ad if I go ahead with this? My guess is not, because people see my Tweets on Twitdeck, Twitphon, Twihrl and all those other applications people use when they are definitely not using a Web interface. The Techcrunch people in the link above are right – Twitter has been outdone by the people writing applications around it.

Which is fine for Twitter as it provides the underpinnings and reaps the benefits. But the people providing the stuff like TwitAds, which depends on someone using the web view, will have a harder task in making anything out of this.

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Is Twitter Turning Into MySpace?

Is Twitter Turning Into MySpace?

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Sensible advice: social media A&E

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10/10 to Rockstar’s blog for putting some sensible guidelines up about social media and clangers that can be dropped, and how to avoid these turning into crises.

On the other hand I’m having a slow day, could do with some livening up, so I’m just going to point out that the schmuck doesn’t realise there’s no apostrophe in a plural.

OK, his move…

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Sun taken in by blogger

…but why? There’s an item on the Sun newspaper’s website today (and here’s a commentator blogging about it just to show how quickly these things spread) about how Google Street View caught someone being unfaithful to his wife. She recognised the car outside someone’s house when the husband in question said he was away on business.

And guess what – this blogger now claims it was him all the time, scamming the Sun and persuading them it was a genuine news item when it wasn’t.

Well, well done. Quite. But…why bother? I can see the fun element of it a bit I suppose, and as a jobbing journalist it’s good that we’re all being reminded of the imperative of checking our stories. But how this one could have been checked I don’t know; but yes, false stories should be uncovered.

But why bother placing it in the first place? I’m a little stumped at this one. Personal glory? Maybe. A laugh? Well, yes, but where do you take it from there? He says there will be more like this on the way, be still my beating heart. Maybe he’s trying to persuade us all to be a bit more cynical and critical about the stories that appear in the UK tabloid press. Funnily enough I don’t think we needed telling about that.

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Do you need training in social media?

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This social media course in Birmingham is causing a lot of controversy. That’s understandable’ since everyone who uses it at the moment is self-taught so why the need to spend £4000 on a course?

The tutors involved are pointing out that people who aren’t on the course are in no position to comment, which sounds fair enough. I have another problem with it, though. I’m writing a book on social networking (yes I know I’ve mentioned that a number of times) and one of the things that scares me – no, terrifies me – is that between the time at which I submit the manuscript and it actually seeing the inside of a bookshop, a process that will take about 5 months due to dark arts and publishing industry reasons, it’ll be totally out of date.

Consider, for example, if I’d been commissioned to write it a year ago. I’d have mentioned Twitter, certainly, but it would have appeared as a bit of a side issue to other social media like Bebo, Myspace, Facebook. There’s no doubt that these will have their place in the book this time around, but I’ll be writing for a generation that’s aware of social networking purely because it’s been on Twitter. The hooks, the way people get into it, have changed. In a very short time.

And now there’s a course on it. Well, fine. 25 years ago I started a course in French at college, and over the years my knowledge has become dated – I don’t know whether there’s a French word for iPod, or WiFi, we simply didn’t have them 25 years ago. I can accept that over a quarter of a century. My concern about degree-level social networking is that it’ll date almost as much over a period of months.

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