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Twitter annoyances

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Great blog post pointed out by Jack Schofield of the Guardian to his followers, on ways of annoying Twitter users. I could add a few; we’re getting to the stage at which posting to Twitter about Twitter is going to seem very old hat (we could just accept Twitter’s there and get on with it, nobody phones you to talk about the phone network); engaging in endless one to one communications which should long ago have been taken to private mail and posting exclusively about your product are among them. But the list in this link is pretty much excellent and I’m relieved to say I don’t indulge in many of them. Not often anyway…

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Bloggers self-censoring

My thanks to Josh Halliday for Tweeting about this article on the Guardian’s website about the flipside of many of my comments on bloggers and their need for quality management and self-restraint. The flipside is of course that some will go too far in censoring themselves.

The debate continues – I’ll continue to alert readers (and thank anyone who tips me off) about anything relevant being written.

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