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News anchors at war

This is one of those examples of what can go wrong in social media even when you’re not using it. The following is a video clip of an American news programme – keep watching and wait and see what happens when the interview appears to be over (it’s only a couple of minutes in total).

This is decidedly not the sort of thing you want on YouTube if it involves your company.


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Sensible advice: social media A&E

Social Media Marketing Madness Cartoon by HubSpot
Image by HubSpot via Flickr

10/10 to Rockstar’s blog for putting some sensible guidelines up about social media and clangers that can be dropped, and how to avoid these turning into crises.

On the other hand I’m having a slow day, could do with some livening up, so I’m just going to point out that the schmuck doesn’t realise there’s no apostrophe in a plural.

OK, his move…

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